Puppies born 09.08.2007

Mother: Eugenios Blue Bell "Misty"
Father: Sørperlas Erasmus Montanus "Ramses"


Parents are: Other:
Eye Checkt: Clear
KCS: Normal
Patella Lux: 0/0
Misty is Prcd-PRA and PLL Clear

Thank you so mutch Cecilie for letting us use  Ramses.

3 Puppies is born:
1 x HL male
1 x PP male
1 x PP female 

Inbreedingsrank: 1,664 %

Theme: Spirit- Stallion of the Cimarron movie (Bryan Adams songs)


Absolute Souls Get off my back "Spike"

Height: 30 cm
Color: Black/White
Type: True hairless

Spike's site on CC

Owner: Linda Kvarme Lund
Show results:
3 x CQ
1 x HP


Absolute Souls Here I am "Tuxido"

Height: 28 cm
Color: Black/White

Type: Powder Puff

Tuxido's site on CC

Owner: Jarle og Liv Fanny Sand (Tyristrand)




Absolute Souls You cant take me "Amy"

Height: 30 cm
Color: Tricolor

Type: Powder Puff

Amy's site on CC

Lady Gaga-litter born 14.04.11

Owner: Guro Espeland (Lyngdal)
Show results:
1 x HP

The Litters health:

Name Eye check KCS prcd-PRA PLL PL Other
AS's Get Off My Back Clear 29/4-09 N     0/0  
AS's Here I Am Clear 23/2-09 N     0/0 Neutered
AS's You Cant Take Me Clear 22/8-08 & 8/10-10 N &19/19   Clear 0/0