Puppies born 14.04.2011

Mother: Absolute Souls You Can't Take Me "Amy"
Father: Absolute Souls Next Contestant "Cody"


Parents are: Other:
Eye Checkt: Clear
PLL: Clear
KCS: Normal

Patella Lux: 0/0
Cody is prcd-PRA Clear BD

3 Puppies is born:
2 x HL Males
1 x PP Female

Inbreedingsrank: 0 %

Theme: Lady Gaga songs

almost 4 months  Absolute Souls Poker Face "Linus"

Color: Blue/Red

Type: True hairless

He's site on cc

Videos of Linus:

Freestyle training Spring 2012

Owner: Linda Kaski (Malmö, Sweeden)
10,5 weeks Absolute Souls Bad Romance "Stripa"

Color: Black/White
Type: True hairless

Stripa's site on cc

Owner: Trond A. Pedersen and Wanda Gabrielsen, Vestby
Absolute Souls Speechless "Prada"

Color: Tricolor
Type: Powder Puff

Her's site on cc

Owner: Eva Carina Kristiansen, Røyken (Kennel Girls Girls)
1 x BOS-puppy
1 x BOS
3 x CQ
2 xCAC
Movies: Click on the link    
Part 1.         Part 2.    

The litters health:

Name Eye check KCS prcd-PRA PLL PL Other
AS's Poker Face       CBD 1/0 kryptorchid,
Disc degeneration on L6-7 and L7-S1
AS's Bad Romance       CBD   kryptorchid, Neutered
AS's Speechless Clear 23/25 Clear CBD & Clear 0/0