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Puppies born 30.05.20, 2 lovely males. Take a look at theire page

Some new pictures added at our dogs :) We wish everyone a safe and happy easter!

A new year has begun and our co-owners and puppy-buyers have already made us proud, by showing our dogs. Take a look at Results 2020


2019  is over and we are so proud of our dogs!


NUCH NJV-18 Absolute Souls Spicy Hot Chilly:

- 3. Most winning Chinese Crested in both NKK and NCCK.

- 2. Most winning female in NCCK.

- 2. Most winning naked in NCCK.

- She gained the title NORWEGIAN SHOW CHAMPION!

- She won BEST BITE on the breed Special 2. Year in a row!


Absolute Souls Mamma Mia:

- 5. Most winning veteran in NCCK.


Absolute Souls Merengue:

- 9. Most winning junior in NCCK.

- 7. Most winning female-puppy In NCCK.

- She won BEST SKIN on the breed special.

Co-owner: Veronika Drange Hinderaker (Kennel Crested Vixen).


Absolute Souls Pasodoble:

- 7. Most winning Chinese Crested in NCCK.

- 5. Most winning male in NCCK.

- 6. Most winning naked in NCCK.

- 2. Most winning junior in NCCK.

- 10. Most winning male-puppy In NCCK.

- BIS-Junior at the breed special!

Owner: Camilla Meyn (Kennel Boys Boys).


Others in our show team that did well this year:

NUCH DKCH Absolute Souls Ring My Bells:

- Several placements in best male competitions.

Absolute Souls Spicy Hot Habanero:

- BOS and CAC.

Girls Girls Fast and Furious:

- BOB and CAC.

(Breeder: Eva C. Kristiansen).


Puppies with only one show this year:

Absolute Souls Glamorous Onyx:

- BOS-puppy.

Absolute Souls Sparkling Topaz:

- 2. Best female-puppy.

Ale Gwiazda Akizabo:

- 4. Best female-puppy 4-6 months.

Breeder: Iza Golub (Kennel Akizabo) and Angelina Pilarczyk (Kennel Pretensja).


Absolute Soul:

2. Most winning kennel in NCCK.



Absolute Souls Earthquake:

- Approved visiting dog (Røde kors).

Co-Owner: Therese Brovig.


Absolute Souls Hurricane:

- 4. place and 2. place w/CAC in LC competition.

Owner: Iselin Louise Kaymakci Haga and Talha Cengiz.


A big congrats  to everyone involved and thank you for the good job you all have done and are still doing

Thanks to every puppy buyer, co-owners, hosts, friends and family for taking good care of your dogs

Thanks to breeders that have trusted us with your dogs

And last but not least a BIG thanks to our family for supporting us, helping us and believing in us




2019 have been a hard year for us in so many ways, so we are hoping for a better 2020!


Best of luck and the best wishes  for you all in 2020! Let’s make this a good one.

- We have been on a Christmas show in Letohallen, All dogs did great. Our puppies first time in the ring and
  ASs Glamorous Onyx "Bertil" got BOS puppy! More results at Results2019
- We would also like to welcome our new family member, Ale Gwiazda Akizabo "Nikita"

Thank your for the trust and for this sweet little girl Angelina (Kennel Pretensja) and Iza (Kennel Akizabo).

- We have been at Dogs4All, good results and great company around the ring! Check out Results 2019

- Absolute Souls Merengue: BOB w/CAC at Stord 10.11.19.
- Absolute Souls Magical Trickster: Eyechecked clear 11.11.19.
- We have two keepers from our last litter and two have moved to theyre new familys :)

- We have been on a dobbel show at Hamresanden this weekend, and what a weekend!!
2 x BOB.
2 x BOB veteran.
2 x BOG 4.
1 x BOS.
1 x CAC.
We have a new Norwegian Show Champion!!!
More results at Results2019.

- We are expecting puppies in week 34 and we have some adult dogs looking for new homes :)

- Absolute Souls Merengue was shown in Skudeneshavn 27.07 and ended up as BOB, BOB-junior, CAC and shortlisted in group. Great job! =D Taxi is also health checked this weekend. Eyes clear and PL 0/0.

- New results on Result page :) Been on the Breedspecial and that was a great day for us and our friends :)

-The 15th of June Taxi and Veronika went to a open show in Ølen, and they did great!! Taxi got BOB, BIG 1. and ended the day as BIS 2.!!! 

- NKK Sandefjord 01.06 ended with good results, check out Results 2019!

- New show results, Absolute Souls Mamma Mia BOS veteran at Orre yesterday :)

- Absolute Souls Hurricane achived 2th place w/CAC in class 1. int. LC comptetition in Trondheim yesterday, good job Lucas and Iselin/Talha =)

- Chilly and Heidi traveled to Ålesund on a dobbel NKK show this weekend and we are superhappy with the results:
Absolute Souls Spicy Hot Chilly BOB w/CAC and CACIB and BOS w/Nordic CAC!!!
Absolute Souls Pasodoble: 2. best male x 2 and res. Nordic CAC (Owner Camilla Meyn).
So proud =D (Results 2019)

- Whippet: Absolute Souls Hurricane competed in his first int. LC competition yesterday, and achived 4th place in class 1! Good job Lucas and Iselin/Talha=)
Chinese Crested: Absolute Souls Pasodoble did well again at the show in Letohallen, 2. best male w/CAC, superteam Jason and Camilla =)

- Show weekend at Varhaug 13-14th of april whent very well:
2 x BOB, 2 x BOB-junior, 1 x BOS, 1 x BOS-veteran, 1 x BOB-veteran, 2 x CAC, 1 x res. CAC, 9/10 CQ, 2 x Breedingclass HP and 1 x BIS 4 breedingclass, check out Results 2019 =)

- NKK Bergen: Absolute Souls Pasodoble BOB w/CAC and Nordic CAC and Absolute Souls Merengue 4. best female. Great job Camilla and Veronika, we are so proud! =D Results 2019

Absolute Souls Earthquake approved visiting dog, good job Therese and Cisco, we are so proud of you :)

- NKK Kristiansand whent very well for us, check out Results 2019 

- A bit late update but, again Taxi and Veronika made us proud. Taxi got BOB-puppy on saturday 2. march at Letohallen and then 2. best female on sunday 3. march.

- When we were on vacation, Taxi and Veronika debutated in the showring in Ølen 9. february
going BOB puppy and shortlisted in group 9. So proud!

- Show weekend in Lethohallen 19-20. january: Absolute Souls Pasodoble and Camilla started this year with 2 x BOB-Puppy, 1 x BOG 4, 1 x BOG 1 and 1 x BIS 2, we are so proud of you two!


- Norwegian Chinese Crested Club Winning list 2018 is now ready, check out our results at Result 2018