Results 2021 

Kongsberg/Mjøndalen 10/10:
Judge: Antonio Di Lorenzo (Norway)

Absolute Souls Glamourous Onyx: 
1. best openclass male w/CQ, 1. best male w/CAC and BOS
Ale Gwiazda Akizabo: 
1. best openclass female w/CQ, 2. best female w/CAC
Xsara Picasso Gattaca:
Excl. and 4. best openclass female
Absolute Souls Mamma Mia:
Excl. and 2. best veteran female

RL Competition 10/10:
Norsk Retriverklubb avd. Agder - Judge: Vrystal Kay. 

Absolute Souls Earthquake:
190/200 points, 1. price and 2. place in his class and can add the RL1-title to his name (Co-owner/Handler: Therese O. Brovig)

RL - Rally Obedience Competition 12/9:
Horten hundeklubb - Judge: Nina Tandberg

Absolute Souls Earthquake:
191/200 points, 1. price and 10. place in his class. (Co-owner/Handler: Therese o. Brovig)

NKK Rogaland 5/9:
Chinese Crested Judge: Sara Nordin (Sweden)
Absolute Souls Glamorous Onyx: VG
Ch. Absolute Souls Ring My Bells: 1. best veteran male w/CQ, 1. best male, BOS and BOB-veteran
Absolute Souls Magical Trickster: VG (Co-owner: Laila Aske/Handler: Andrea Sandvik)
Absolute Souls Black Diamond: VG (Owner: Ragnhild Goa)
Absolute Souls Merengue: VG (Co-owner: Veronika D. Hinderaker)
Xsara Picasso Gattaca: VG
Absolute Souls Mamma Mia: 1. best veteran female w/CQ, 4. best female and BOS-veteran

Toy Poodle judge: Gunilla Albrigtsen (Sweden)
Valentino Poarott: BOB-puppy

RL - Rally Obedience Competition 8/8:
Vennesla hundeklubb - Judge: Crystal Kay

Absolute Souls Earthquake:
193/200 points, 1. price and direct promotion to class 2 with Bronze mark and 8. place in his class (Co-owner/Handler: Therese O. Brovig)

Skudeneshavn 24/7:

Judge:  Eli-Marie Klepp (Norway)

Absolute Souls Black Diamond: Excl. 1. best female in youthclass with CQ, 1 best female with CAC and BOS (Owner: Ragnhild Goa)

Skudeneshavn 24/7:

Judge: Mona K. Selbach (Norway)

Absolute Souls Black Diamond: Very Good and 2. best female in youthclass (Owner: Ragnhild Goa)