Norwegian Chinese Crested Club Winner List 2020:
(After only attending one show this year our selfe and some of our puppybuers going out of the club in the end of this year (meaning they don´t count anymore), I think we did great this year).

Absolute Souls Glamorous Onyx: 
Nr. 8 Most Winning Male
Nr. 8 Most Winning Junior

Ale Gwiazda Akizabo:
Nr. 5 Most Winning Junior

Absolute Souls Merengue:
Nr. 10 Most Winning Naked

Absolute Souls Black Diamond:
Nr. 10 Most Winning Puppy
Nr. 9 Most Winning Female Puppy

Kennel Absolute Soul:
Nr. 2 Best Breeder

NCCK double show 11.10:
Judge: Espen Engh (Norway)

Absolute Souls Black Diamond: VG (Owner: Ragnhild Goa).

Judge: Anders Tunold-Hanssen (Norway)

Absolute Souls Black Diamond: Exc. (Owner: Ragnhild Goa).

NKK Rogaland/Orre 31.08:
Judge: Marit Sunde (Norway)

Absolute Souls Glamorous Onyx: 1. best juniormale w/CQ and 3. best male w/CAC.
Zane Billy Gattaca: Exc. and 2. best juniormale.
NUCH Absolute Souls Pasodoble: 1. best openclassmale w/CQ and 2. best male w/CACIB.(Owner: Camilla Meyn).
Ale Gwiazda Akizabo: 1. best juniorfemale w/CQ, 1. best female w/CAC and BOS.
Absolute Souls Sparkling Topaz: Exc.
Absolute Souls Black Diamond: Exc. (Owner: Ragnhild Goa).
Xsara Picasso Gattaca: VG.
NUCH NJV -18 Absolute Souls Spicy Hot Chilly: Exc. and 1. best championfemale.
Absolute Souls Mamma Mia: Exc. 1. best veteranfemale and BOS-veteran.

NKK Lillehammer (Norwegian Winner Show) 15.08:

Judge: Børge Espeland (Norway)

NUCH bsolute Souls Pasodoble: 1. best openclass male w/CQ and 4. best male. (Owner: Camilla Meyn).

Letohallen 08.08:
Judge: Eli-Marie Klepp (Norway).

Absolute Souls Pasodoble: 1. best male w/CAC and BOB and NEW NUCH. (Owner: Camilla Meyn).

NKK Trondheim 27.06:
Judge: Frode Jevne (Norway).

Absolute Souls Pasodoble: 3. best openclass male w/CQ. (Owner: Camilla Meyn).

NKK Bø 16.02:

Judge: Saija Juutilainen.

Absolute Souls Pasodoble: 3. best male w/CQ. (Owner: Camilla Meyn)
Absolute Souls Merengue: 3. best openclass female. (Co-owner: Veronika D. Hinderaker)

NKK Bø (Nordic show) 14.02:
Judge: Astrid Lundava.

Absolute Souls Pasodoble: Exc. 3. best openclass male. (Owner: Camilla Meyn)
Absolute Souls Merengue: 3. best female w/res. CAC. (Co-owner: Veronika D. Hinderaker)

Ølen 08.02:
Judge: Ernestas Balsiukas.

Absolute Souls Merengue: BOS w /CQ. (Co-owner: Veronika D. Hinderaker)
Absolute Souls Magical Trickster: 3. best female w/CAC. (Co-owner: Laila Aske)
Absolute Souls Black Diamond: 2. best female puppy. (Owner: Ragnhild Goa)